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Every year on the July long weekend, it's Osler Sports Day. It's a tradition around here.

The entire community shows up early for the Firefighter's Pancake Breakfast at the Town Hall and then we hang around until the parade later in the morning where lots of candy gets tossed to children and adults alike. It's a blast!

It just so happened that in 2001 that Osler was celebrating its Centennial AND it had been 100 years since Jacob and Susanna Boldt had settled on the homestead that is now Pine View Farms.

To honour this, we decided to enter a float in the parade. In his mind's eye, Kevin had a brilliant idea (or at least he thought so) for a float. He would build a chicken out of his half ton truck.

We started building this chicken creation in our garage. I was pretty sure that no one would know what on earth this thing represented, but Kevin soldiered on.

We soon realized we had not purchased nearly enough plastic coronation flowers and would have to get creative. This thing was ugly. But onward we went!

When we drove the chicken truck to Osler, part of the beak fell off on the gravel road and we had to make quick repairs roadside. I groaned. Maybe this was a sign to just park the truck.

We hobbled into the parade line up. Our staff gamely hopped in the back of the truck and the "Chicken Truck" was off!

I have never been so embarrassed about our lack of artistic ability and never so delighted to laugh at ourselves and be a part of the community. We had a hoot!

We've entered a few floats since 2001, but the chicken truck never made it back into the parade.

What are your memories of community celebrations, sports days, parades? We'd love to hear from you.


  • I loved this blog, and the phrase “Play to your strengths, people” will be in my head forever. I am still smiling!

    Maureen Haddock
  • I loved this blog! “Play to your strengths, people” will be in my head forever! Thanks for sharing!

    Maureen Haddock
  • Yup. The chicken truck rocks! Maybe Kevin could resurrect it? 🐔


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