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General Questions

Are all of your products gluten free?

We are proud to offer a large selection of premium products all of which are gluten free, with the exception of the Pork and Chicken Schnitzel.

Is your beef 100% grass fed?

No. Our steers have access to "Green Feed' such as hay, pasture grass or silage but they also receive grain as part of their diet for several reasons:

  • It helps marble the meat and enhances the finished flavour
  • Our climate prohibits us from growing grass 6-8 months of the year, making it very difficult and cost prohibitive to feed a grass only diet
  • It is a good source of Omega 3's & 6's and healthy CLA's
  • It provides added calories to help our animals stay strong and healthy through our long prairie winters.
  • Note: our steers eat barley and oat grains to supplement their grass diet. Barley and oats are non-GM grains. 

Are poultry and pigs fed a grass only diet?

No. They are mono-gastric animals and cannot suitably digest grasses and would not thrive if that was their only food source. They receive a nutritionally balanced diet of wheat, peas, flax and barley. Of course, they forage outside for other delectable bits.

How do you make your deli meats and sausages nitrite free?

Just as it’s been done traditionally for centuries, we use sea salt to cure our meats. In conventional meats, sodium nitrite is used to preserve meat, prevent botulism and give sausage that pink colour that most of us have come to expect. Sea salt works in the same way only the meat will not be as pink and the shelf life not quite as long. This is why we freeze most of our sausages and encourage customers to use them within five days of opening the package.

What is dry aged beef?

Dry aged beef is a traditional process where sides of beef are hung in a cooler to evaporate the moisture, in turn intensifying the flavour. During this period gravity stretches the muscle fibres while healthy microbes break down proteins --- all of which tenderizes the meat in a natural way. Large meat plants "carbon gas flush" their beef when packaging large primal cuts to mimic dry aging --- but we don't think it compares!

What is the difference between All Natural and certified organic meat?

Pine View Farms has developed its own All Natural Protocol that all of our Partner Producers follow. Different certifying bodies have varying qualifications but suffice it to say that All Natural is very close to certified organic with the exception that the animal feed is not from certified organic sources. Protocols on animal welfare, stocking density, access to outdoors etc. are very similar.

Learn more about Conventional vs All Natural meats.

What do you mean by “Nose-to-Tail”?

We honour each animal that we raise by making use of the whole animal, minimizing waste. As a result, our inventory may fluctuate from time to time. All pre-orders are given priority and will be filled first, for this reason we encourage you to place pre-orders for the cuts you enjoy most! 

Do you offer any fresh products?

Yes! All of our meat can be ordered fresh when it’s in season. We cut beef and pork every week, we have two flocks of chickens year round, and we also have our famous fresh turkeys available just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations.

If you would like fresh cuts of any product please contact us.

Why are your products mainly frozen rather than fresh?

We cut and freeze our product the same day to ensure the freshest product for our customers, without having to rely on additives or preservatives. This process maintains the integrity of the product, leaving all of the nutrients, proteins, minerals and vitamins unaffected.

Because we don’t pump or inject our meat with added water and our beef is dry aged, less ice crystals form in the package and once thawed you’ll enjoy that ‘just like fresh’ taste.

How long do your frozen products keep?

Products should be consumed within 7-10 days of the production date if fresh or within 7-10 days once thawed. For maximum freshness we recommend consumption of frozen products within the first 12 months.

Processing Dates

We encourage you to order in advance as it helps us plan production and ensure you get exactly what you want. Pre-orders are always given priority but we try to have extra products available throughout the year.

Chickens - We raise and process ten flocks of chickens each year, keeping our production almost constant and our product fresh. 

Turkeys - We raise two flocks of turkeys per year, available for the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. Quantities are limited and we often sell out, we strongly recommend that you reserve your bird in advance by pre-ordering. More info and turkey pickup dates here.

Beef & Pork - Available year round and processed on a weekly basis. 

Lamb - Lamb is more seasonal with the bulk of our production in Spring and Fall, due to seasonality of lambing and Mother Nature.

In between processing periods we always carry a great selection of frozen products, vacuum packed to maintain premium freshness. 

If you would like fresh cuts of any product please contact us.


How do pre-orders work? 

You may notice some of our products are listed as pre orders, this is because they are seasonal and/or require special preparation. If you purchase a pre order item our team will get in touch with you once it’s ready for pickup or delivery. 

Why is the price at checkout different from the final invoice I receive?

Because each animal is different, the cut size and weight will vary. The shopping cart price per package is designed to give you an approximate value of your order, the actual weight you receive may vary slightly from those listed on our website. When our team packs your order each package is weighed and priced — you only pay for the actual weight of your order.

How long will it take until my order is ready?

Due to a high volume of orders we are currently working on having orders ready for pick up or home delivery within 7 - 10 days, depending on the orders in the queue and inventory availability. If you have a specific pick up or delivery date in mind, please let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate.

Custom orders may take a little longer and bulk beef or pork (sides and hind quarter) typically take two weeks to fulfill.

Can I request custom cuts?

Yes, we can accommodate custom cuts based on availability and the request. Please contact us for custom cuts.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes, we do have a wholesale purchase program for bona fide businesses with a monthly minimum purchase. Please contact us for wholesale pricing.

Do you offer a discount for a large volume order? 

Our pricing is based on our cost of production plus a margin to keep our farm going, this allows us to deliver a high quality product at an affordable price. We offer our best prices up front. 

Check out our meat packs or large portion cuts for added savings. 


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