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Eggs are delicious, an excellent source of protein and reasonably priced for the nutrition they deliver. We eat eggs at least twice a week (and not just at breakfast)!

Scrambled eggs are my favourite thing, except that I also love a perfectly soft poached egg because the yolk is so luxuriously creamy.

This method of scrambled eggs is easy, no-fail and delivers a creamy helping of eggs rather than hard, rubbery curds of scrambled eggs like you get at the brunch buffet. Here's how:

  1. Heat butter in the pan on the stove until it's just bubbly. Crack the eggs right into the pan without scrambling them first. I know, it feels scandalous! Sprinkle the eggs with salt.
  2. Wait for the egg whites to set, then scramble them. When the whites begin to turn opaque, run your spatula through them (without touching the yolks) to fluff and form curds (scramble them a bit).
  3. Remove from the heat and break the yolks with your spatula, folding them into the egg white curds. The residual heat in your pan will cook the yolks well enough without sacrificing that soft, buttery quality of the yolks. Transfer to a plate and enjoy!

You will want to err on the side of runny eggs -- kinda like a cross between over easy and scrambled eggs in your plate.

We've got farm fresh free range eggs at our farm store and if you need bacon, sausage or steak to go with those eggs, we've got that too!


Photo by amirali mirhashemian on Unsplash

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