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Kitchen Tips - Chicken


How Long Can Poultry Stay Frozen In My Freezer?

For maximum freshness we recommend consumption of frozen products within the first 12 months.

How Long Can I Keep Poultry Fresh In My Fridge?

All poultry at Pine View Farms has the production date noted on the package. Products should be consumed within 7-10 days of the production date if fresh or within 7-10 days once thawed.

What Temperatures Indicate Doneness For Poultry?

Chicken & Turkey Breast 170F (77C)
Chicken & Turkey Thigh 180F (82C)
Stuffed Poultry (center) 165F (74C)

What Are The Best Cooking Methods For Chicken?

Cut Braise Broil Grill Roast Pan Fry Saute Stew Deep Fry
Whole Chicken          
Cornish Hen / Poussin          
Chicken Breast      
Chicken Thigh    
Chicken Drumstick    
Chicken Wings          
Chicken Liver