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My previous blog post delved into eating well is an investment in our personal health, well-being and dare I say, happiness?

But so what? Most people would rather save a dollar today than take a chance on an investment in the future. It’s human nature. That’s why grocery stores bombard you with sales, coupons and flyers that overflow your mailbox.

But food can be so much more than fuel to push us from work to home to extra-curricular activities and finally to collapse in bed at the end of the day!

Food nourishes our bodies with calories and nutrition. Food feeds our spirit and our craving for connection. Our food choices shape the health of our planet.

What is Pine View Farms doing about food — meat in particular?

At Pine View Farms, we make meat better.

Early in our farming adventure, the school of hard knocks taught us that in order to be successful in the long run, our farm must be economically, environmentally and socially sustainable.  

We weigh all our business and family decisions against these three criteria. If something doesn’t measure up, we don’t do it.

Where do you see this in action?

Pine View Farms’ All Natural Protocol

We know you want to eat less junk and more stuff that’s good for you. Eating food that’s good for you is not complicated. Simply put, it comes back to good ‘ol fashioned farming.

Our protocol says,

“All poultry and livestock are raised on a healthy, vegetarian diet, without the use of growth promoting medications or hormones, with plenty of room to roam.”

Environmental Farm Plan

We know you care about the earth and want to eat food that is responsibly grown.

Our Environmental Farm Plan ensures that we are not contaminating waterways or groundwater, that we’re composting manure properly and generally improving the land on which we live.

On Farm Food Safety Assurance for Free Range Poultry

We know you care about how animals are treated and want to eat meat that is raised right. That’s why we are certified under Chicken Farmers’ of Canada On Farm Food Safety Assurance Program. Third party inspectors audit our barns and yard for animal welfare, feed and water quality, barn conditions and outdoor management. It’s not just us saying these things — it’s stamped and verified!

Meat Inspection

Clean meat that is safe to eat is vitally important to all of us. That’s why we’ve invested in the Provincial Meat Inspection Program. It’s voluntary. Not every butcher does it. Ask around.

Our Inspectors look at each and every animal that comes through our butcher shop and checks everything from how the animals are handled, to cooler and freezer temperatures, and product labels.

It’s our assurance to you that we’re walking the talk, doing exactly what we said we would do. Stamped and sealed for your safety.

We go the extra mile, get the extra certifications, hire the inspectors, all to provide you with clean, safe, quality meat that you can feel good about feeding your family.

From the farm gate to your plate, it’s the little things we do along the way that make meat better.

Renewable Energy

Very shortly, we will announce our green energy project to reduce our carbon footprint — all part of our sustainable meat strategy!

In my next post, we’ll discuss how not all meat is created equally.

Have a comment, feedback or suggestion for us? Please share or come visit us at our farm store just 15 minutes north of Saskatoon. It’s a lovely little drive.

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