COVID-19 – An update from Pine View Farms

I just have to share my latest inspiration with you.

In late Fall 2019, Kevin sowed grass in the west tree rows alongside our driveway to expand my meditation walking paths (I walk our shelterbelt trees like a linear labyrinth) and create a carbon sink to further offset our carbon footprint.

This past Spring, those tiny grass seeds bravely broke through the soil and wispy grass strands appeared --- only to wither and die in the howling, hot summer wind. I could not walk in that disheartening dustbowl. It just reminded me of everything that was going wrong in the world.

On one morning walk after late August rains, I decided to venture into the trees again to see if the grass came back at all.


Lo and behold, the resilient prairie grass had stubbornly started to regrow and with the blessing of rain, will fill the cracked, empty soil this Fall. It's a small miracle, really.

Nature reminds me again and again to grow where I am planted. That is where hope lives. Seems I needed a reminder!

Like the grass that grows after a rain, I refuse to give up on me and this place. Deciding to do something is an act of resistance against hopelessness.

Just do one thing, right here, right now. Grow where you are planted.

And so, I leave you with this poem I found on Sarah Bessey's Facebook page this morning:

Live in this place
as you were meant to, and then,
surprised by your abilities,
become the ancestor of it all,
the quiet, robust, and blessed Saint
that your future happiness
will always remember.
- David Whyte, from the poem Coleman’s Bed


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