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Before dating apps existed, Kevin and I met the old fashioned way. We were set up by friends.

I sat beside a guy named Kenton, in my university calculus class who just happened to be a second cousin of my best friend Angela. We all started hanging out, but unbeknownst to me, Angela and Kenton put their heads together and decided that I should meet their cousin, Kevin, a dairy farmer from Osler.

I had met Kevin once or twice in passing but didn't give him a second thought.  Kenton gave Kevin my phone number and told him "you should call her". Now, I didn't just go out with any guy on a whim, and Kevin would say he would never just call a girl out of the blue. But for some reason, he did call to ask me to a movie, and I thought, "Well, why not?".

And so we went to see Driving Miss Daisy and ate M&M sundaes at Max's Diner. I drove home at 10:30 p.m. because he said he had to milk cows at 5 a.m. the next morning and far be it from me to keep him out late (wink wink!).

It was a rather unremarkable first date. But there was something about this dairy farmer's swagger I just couldn't shake. And he called me again . . . and I said yes.

Four dates later, I stood beside Kevin in the middle of his family's farm yard, watching the sun set over the fields, and this powerful intuition swept over me --- I was going to live here someday. I was only 19 years old, but I remember it so vividly (see photo below).

I knew right then and there I could marry him, but I didn't tell him, nor did I say the "L" word anytime soon.

Love finds you when you least expect it.

I always said I would "never marry a farmer". I planned to escape small town Saskatchewan to the bright lights of the big city. 

But love had other plans for me. And I'm so glad it did.

Love brought us to this farm, Pine View Farms, and we are so fortunate to be on this journey together.

Do you have a love story to share? We'd be happy to hear it!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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