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Isn't it ridiculous that we need to eat every single day? If you find the relentless schedule of planning meals, shopping for groceries and cooking to be a grind, then get on the struggle bus with me!

I tend to cycle on the whole meal planning thing --- some weeks I have it totally together with groceries and recipes at the ready, and on others, I stand with my fridge door open, baffled at what I might concoct for supper. I guess it 's gonna be popcorn!

I believe this cycle is normal. We've all got a lot going on. However, I also believe that we can bring pleasure back to the kitchen and reignite our flame for cooking --- at a level that's realistic and attainable.

How do we make a daily task pleasurable? Here are a few tips:

  1. Make it "Me Time" - Stop multi-tasking and just cook. I like to put on some music and sip sparkling water poured into a fancy glass and garnished with a lemon wedge while I prep dinner. It feels a little luxurious.
  2. Treat Yourself - buy a few of your favourite ingredients --- maybe some fresh herbs, special olives, lovely meats or vine ripened tomatoes to make the meal feel special.
  3. Lean into the Moment - meditate on the repetitive action of your knife chopping vegetables agains the cutting board, smell the aroma of roasting meat or the bubbly sauce of a braise.
  4. Keep it Deeply Plain and Simple - find a recipe you know and feels like a warm hug. Start there. Maybe it's a pot of creamy mashed potatoes, or slow cooker chili or a grilled cheese sandwich. Yay! You did it.

As we go into the busy holiday season, may you find some sanity and rest in your kitchen, enjoying good food, grown well, and cooked with love.

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