Quality Over Quantity

Quality Over Quantity

If you’re going to eat meat, it should be really, really good meat --- every time.


Compared to conventional production, we raise smaller flocks of chickens.We feed our chickens whole grains, plus the birds have more room to roam, including outdoors weather permitting. We believe this makes a healthier, tastier chicken.

Our processing facility is relatively small and much of  the work is done by hand. We can tell you how every animal has been handled from start to finish.

Steers, Hogs & Lambs

Raised Right

Our steers are raised on a healthy diet that includes grass and/or sileage, hay, plus oats and barley. A little bit of grain enhances the marbling and flavour of the meat while also balancing feed nutrition. And, during our long Saskatchewan winters, feeding grain improves keeps animals comfortable by providing the caloric energy needed to withstand the freezing winter temperatures.

Made Right

We dry age our beef 14 – 21 days prior to cutting and wrapping to intensify the beef flavour and increase the tenderness.

Ultra aged beef is the peak eating experience with rich, sultry beef flavours at 42+ days dry aged. The flavour will blow your mind.

Our hogs and lambs enjoy the outdoors year round with plenty of room to roam and exhibit their natural behaviours. Deep straw bedding and barn shelter are used in winter to protect livestock from the elements.

Sausage & Deli Meats

Eat clean with our sausage and deli meats are crafted using our own recipes containing quality muscle cuts of meat and pure spices --- only ingredients your grandma would know! Our sausage and deli meats are nitrite free, sugar free and gluten free.

Frozen & Fresh Meats

All of our meat can be ordered fresh “in season”. We cut beef and pork every week and are able to cut meat exactly to your specifications with an advance order. 

We always have two flocks of chickens growing --- one near maturity and one just starting, in order to provide fresh chicken as often as possible and keep inventory moving well. Again, we welcome your custom orders for fresh i.e. unfrozen chicken and will notify you when it’s ready.

To preserve freshness without relying on additives or preservatives, we freeze our meat the day we cut it. Nutrients, proteins, minerals and vitamins are unaffected by freezing, maintaining the integrity of the product. Even better, because we don’t pump or inject our meat with added water and our beef is dry aged, less ice crystals will form in the package and the meat will taste “just like fresh” when thawed.

You can keep our meat wrapped and frozen for a year or more --- we recommend using the meat within one year for best freshness.