All Natural Meat

All Natural Meat

Pine View Farms All Natural Protocol Guarantee

What did your meat eat? We can tell you. At Pine View Farms, we follow our All Natural Protocol which says “all poultry and livestock are raised on a healthy vegetarian diet, without the use of growth promoting medications or hormones, in a low stress environment, with access to fresh air, sunlight and outdoors, weather permitting.”



Conventional vs. All Natural Meat

Poultry Production Comparison

Attribute Grocery Store Brands Conventionally Raised Chicken Pine View Farms All Natural Chicken
Grain fed with added rendered animal byproducts for protein Yes, very likely, animal byproduct is a cheap protein source for feed No
Vitamins & Minerals in feed Yes Yes
Antibiotics may be fed Yes No
Water may be medicated Yes No
No growth hormones or steroids Growth hormones are not permitted in poultry No
Days to slaughter weight 32 days 56 days
Access to outdoors No Yes, weather permitting

Beef, Pork, and Lamb Production Comparison

Attribute Conventional Red Meat Pine View Farms Meat
Growth from birth without hormones or antibiotics No Yes
Fed rendered animal byproducts as protein in feed ration Very likely. Ruminant animal byproduct cannot be fed to ruminant animals; however, byproduct from hogs or poultry can be fed to ruminants (cows) and vice versa No, we do not use any animal byproduct in any feed for any animals. Our steers, hogs and lambs receive an appropriate mix of hay, sileage, barley, oats and pasture feed.
All beef from young steers under 30 months of age No Yes
Certified organic feed No No
Grading Yes, beef is graded according to the fat cover on the carcass and marbling. Pork and lamb have their own grading systems with scores related to aspects of muscle conformation and fat cover. No, we believe that quality meat comes from how the animal was fed and processed, not how much fat cover was on the animal.
Calves, hogs and lambs bought on open market Yes No, all our animals come from one farm for each of beef, hogs and lambs, raised from birth. We project our needs approximately 1 year in advance.