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Whole Lamb

2023 Pricing $10.29/lb - Cut and Wrapped 

We have two batches of 10 lambs each that will be ready in March & June 2023.

Information: Approx. 50 lbs  hanging weight. You pay on hanging weight of the lamb i.e. the whole animal after it has been processed. When we cut and wrap your meat as per our specifications, about 20-25% of the hanging weight is lost to bones, trim and waste. Your net meat weight is approximately 75-80% of hanging weight, depending on the animal.

Cuts Included:  Loin chops and rack, Bone-in Leg Roast, Leg Steaks, Boneless Shoulder Roasts, Ground, Shanks, Ribs, organ meats (optional) and Soup Bones.  

*Pre-Order is required

Lamb will be available 1 -2 times per year, typically between the months of March - May. Lambs are sold only by the whole lamb, cut to our specifications as listed above.  

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Due to the artisanal nature of our butcher shop, product sizes may vary. In order to ensure you receive a fair price, we weigh each cut of meat. You only pay for what you get. For this reason we may need to refund or charge a small amount based on the final weight of your specific order.

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