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Beef Side

$6.79/lb - cut and wrapped to customer specifications

A side of beef is suitable for households who enjoy all cuts of beef from premium steaks and roasts to ground beef. You’ll find it so convenient to have a freezer full of meal options throughout the year and save a few bucks on those high end steaks too!

You might also consider sharing a side of beef with another family to keep it manageable.

A side of beef is 350 – 375 lbs (avg)  hanging weight. You pay on hanging weight of the side. When we cut and wrap your meat as per your specifications, you lose about 30% of the weight to bones, trim and waste i.e. your net meat weight is approximately 70% of hanging weight, depending on the animal.

We should have your order ready 2-3 weeks from order date, depending on the queue. Choice cuts include:
Steaks: rib, t-bone, tenderloin, sirloin, round, flank, flat iron, minute
Roasts: prime rib, cross rib, sirloin, round. Brisket, short ribs, stew beef, 75% lean ground beef, soup bones, liver.

*We can help you determine meat cuts and pack sizes that suit your cooking preferences and will cut and wrap to your specifications. 

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Due to the artisanal nature of our butcher shop, product sizes may vary. In order to ensure you receive a fair price, we weigh each cut of meat. You only pay for what you get. For this reason we may need to refund or charge a small amount based on the final weight of your specific order.

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