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1 package Pine View Prosciutto (thawed) 

1 bunch Kale 

4 cups Mixed Greens 

¼ cup fresh Parsley 

¼ cup fresh Mint 

1 Lemon 

⅓ cup Pistachios 

½ cup Fresh Peas (or frozen) 

¼ cup Hemp Hearts 

¼ cup Nutritional Yeast 

1-2 tbsp Olive Oil Himalayan Salt 


¼ cup Balsamic Vinegar 

¼ cup Olive Oil 

2-3 Garlic Cloves 

¼ cup Nutritional Yeast 

2 tbsp Coconut Aminos 

1 tsp Chilli Flakes (optional) 

Juice of ½ a Lemon 

Himalayan Salt


  1. Rinse and pat dry Kale. Remove stem from the center and rip into bite size pieces. 
  2. Add Kale to a large bowl and drizzle in 1-2 tbsp olive oil, about 1 tsp salt, and juice of ½ a Lemon. Begin massaging kale until it reduces to about ½ the size. Kale should be soft, tender and limp. 
  3. Add mixed greens, herbs, nutritional yeast and hemp hearts. 
  4. Slice Prosciutto into thin strips. Top Salad with peas, pistachios, and prosciutto. 
  5. For the dressing, add all ingredients into a blender and combine till smooth. Store in the fridge for up to a week.


Use leftover Honey Glazed Chicken to turn this Salad into a hearty meal!