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Cooking can be a beautiful act of love and generosity. In this guest blog post by Stacey Huard, a Wellness and Eating Coach, based in Warman, Saskatchewan, she captures the essence of being intentional and putting ourselves at ease with our food. So lovely. I hope you enjoy!

Intention is the fuel behind one’s actions. Therefore, intention is everywhere, which includes the meals that nourish you.

⁠What is the fuel or the guiding energy within the food that you are eating and or feeding to your family? I’ll be honest, sometimes I cook for my family just to get nutrients into them (rushed and tired Stacey), but most times there is an intention of Love. ⁠One thing that has become more and more evident is the contentment that comes with preparing food that aligns with my intentions for holistic wellness.

I have made a career out of food and how we use it to nourish all the parts of who we are and so I  think of it more than the average person, but this wasn’t always the case. I’m pretty sure our grandparents knew where their food came from, what was in it and who prepared it.

⁠This is not about perfection, I am simply suggesting that we slow down, acknowledge the journey our food took before it arrived on our plates. Food is just one way we have over- complicated our lives in the pursuit of getting more done in less time. I believe bringing simplicity back will allow us to step off the hamster wheel, feel more gratitude and therefore more balanced, more nourished…more well. ⁠

⁠Do you know who made your food, what is in it, where it came from, and what intention guided its preparation?  If you don’t, it may be too complicated? ⁠Or worse, not in alignment with your values.


⁠1) As you create tonight’s meal or delight in the blessings of having someone else make it for you, ask yourself where the food came from and how it was put together to finally make its way to your body. ⁠

⁠2) Ask yourself or as a family, how the process could have been simplified and what part you can play to making this happen (shop local, access less processed items and more whole foods).⁠

⁠3) Make your purchases count in creating change for a simpler life for everyone. When we buy foods that have moved through 100 steps prior to our bellies, we say more of that please for our children and grandchildren. When we support companies and farms that support farm to table practices it allows them to keep doing what they are doing while being compensated accordingly. If we want to have access to these foods that now seem like luxuries in the years that follow, we have to say YES to the companies that align with our intentions, today!

⁠Those are 3 ways that may not make your life easier but will put you and your body at ease today and for the generations to come. It may allow you to trust your body and its natural process again, which in my humble opinion is simplicity at its finest.

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Written and published with permission by Stacey Huard

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