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Burgers seem like a no-brainer for summer BBQ's, right? But you don't want to serve up a raw one nor an overdone hockey puck. Here are a few tried and true tips:

  1. Thumbprint - use your thumb to leave an indent in the middle of the burger to prevent the burger edges curling up and ensure even cooking throughout.
  2. Heat your Grill - get the grill HOT before putting your burgers on to sear them. Some also recommend brushing your grill with oil so burgers don't stick, but we don't find that to be an issue.
  3. Well Done - rare burgers are trendy, but from a food safety perspective, the only burger you eat should always be a burger that is no longer pink in the middle and juices run clear when pierced with a fork. Ground meat gets exposed to a lot of oxygen, and hence potentially bacteria, during processing that can contaminate the meat. 4-7 minutes per side should do it on a hot grill depending on how thick your burgers are.
  4. Add Ground Pork - when making homemade patties, mix ground beef with lean ground pork for an unctious, juicy burger patty that can't be beat!
  5. Buy better burgers - Our burgers are made from 100% dry aged beef or boneless, skinless All Natural chicken thighs. No funny stuff added. Our beef 'n bacon burgers are pure genius with bacon built right into every bite!

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